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My Snazzy List of Links

Quiet Sunset & Cricket's Corner: Gatherin of "lake effects"
Autumn Fire : Poem by Vernon L. Townsend, Jr.
" Fun Money" Short Story by Vernon L. Townsend, Sr. : Relaxed Southern Living- 1950's era
Tidal Ebb & Salt Spray : Something different.."lake effects"
Shawana's Virtual Flower Shop : For That Someone Special
Airstream: The Best Airstream Information Site
Longines Watch Company: Nice Historical Background
"Tic-Tock": Wingates of Dallas Vintage Watches
Tucows: lots of Free Shareware
Amherst Town Library : Neat references for the Family
Washington Post: Newspaper
Scientific American: Magazine
Channel 1: Clean Fun for Kids
Red Dog Patch's : A Exercise in Humour
Page 2: Prom Date Picture: 1958 style...
Quran:Read The Quran
Awesome SunRise BoarsHead: Preview of *New Website*
Memories of the Isle of Shoals: Walkin tour of the Isle
Harbour Lights: Thomas Kinkade's Paintings
Vintage Airstream: Those Ole Vintage Airstream Never Die
Anand's Tech Review: Fantastic Reviews & Impressive Mind~
Thomas Kinkade Home Page: Breathtaking Selections ArtWork
The Financial StoreHouse of Information:The List of all Financial Lists
The Financial StoreHouse of Information , Part 2:Latest inserts, The List of all Financial Lists Part 2
Vern's Airstream Travel Trailer: "A dream come true at last!"
Free Desert Campground in Southern CaliforniaPlease Check This Site Out!

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A Special thank-you to David Griffiths for this lake.effect.

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" Keeper of the Birds of Heaven "

As we travel thru this "Space of Time", lest we all forget, that what we pass by is forever gone, never to return. That time waits for no man, nor forgives the waste. Just to say,"While I'm gone..Please come often, stay awhile, reflect on our times together. Knowing in your heart of hearts that you're in mine".


A little dog barked at the big, round moon
That smiled in the evening sky,
And the neighbors smote him with rocks and shoon;
But still he continued his rageful tune.
And he barked till his throat was dry.

The little dog bounced like a rubber ball,
For his anger quite drove him wild;
And he said: "I'm a terror, although I am small,
And I dare you, you impudent fellow, to fall."
But the moon only smiled and smiled.

Then the little dog barked at a terrible rate,
But he challenged the moon in vain;
For as calm and slow as the working of fate
The moon moved along in a manner sedate,
And smiled on the dog in disdain.

But soon 'neath a hill that obstructed the west
The moon sank out of sight,
And it smiled as it slowly dropped under the crest,
But the little dog said, as he lay down to rest,
"Well, I scared it away, all right!"

Author Unknown

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