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Isle of Shoals

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Isle of Shoals: Keeper of the Rocks

"Calm Waters, Darken Clouds"

As we are often reminded, "Calm waters and darken clouds" constantly travel thru this dimension heralded. We should always remember that 'tis not what we see that plot our destiny, for that is forever changing. That which was, can never be, tomorrow. Purity comes in many designs & forms. Yea, even "Truth" can be found in time,as it waits for no false pretentious creatures nor forgives. It's the duty of all to be ever truthful, watchful, as we seek to deceive those we love the most. Evil,lurks ever within. Whispering to the winds of heaven,"Tis While I was gone..Please know, I find the strangest, coldest secrets. As your heart reflect on our times together, Know it was within your grasps to bring out the "Sunshine" in my heart. I had desired to return once more, but fear 'tis never more ".