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Isle of Shoals

Isle of Shoals: Walking Tour
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" Keeper of the Rocks "

As we travel thru this "Island of Endless Time", We should always remember that what we pass by is forever gone, never to return. That time waits for no creatures nor forgives. It's the duty of all to be ever watchful, as danger lurks even within. Just to say,"Tis While I'm gone..Please come often, stay awhile, reflect on our times together. Know it is within your heart of hearts desires to return once more".

" Sleep'in under the Foot Bridge"

"Tis said often, that many brave souls have parted over these, Not knowning who walked or travel, thru this narrow path before. Must we all carry this knowledge? Yet we seem destine to forget, that we're all on this "Island", which carry our footprint, lock in time. Passed by, it's uniquely vanquished, nor, ever to return". This Isle of Shoals waits for no man, nor creature. Rather, it's all of Universe's creatures that must seek not to waste its beauty" While I'm here, Please let me experience that which comes often, stay awhile, reflect on our times together.

"Beauty Within"

"Often scourned, yet the beauty of Nature's Motherhood is often overlooked, Alas, Within each of us, that very soul shall part over these cruel indifferences. Not knowning who has cared for, nor travel the distance, thru this narrow path called birth. Must we be so callous in this knowledge? Yet, we are seemly destine to forget, that we're all from the 'sameness', in this I promise. Our heartbeats, lock in the past & future tense. Racing, Passing by, it is awesome, uniquely vanquished. Softly, I whisper, 'Love abounds within each experience', as it shadow, which comes often, reflected on our times. Together with our Love ones".